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A sea full of vegetables ...

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Sea purslane

Sea purslane is a salty sea vegetable that closely resembles regular purslane. The plant grows in the higher areas of the salt marshes at the edge of the creeks. It grows in bushes of roughly 50 cm. The edible leaves are grey, and only the upper, tender stalks are harvested. The rest of the (multiannual) plant is very woody.

After blanching or stir-frying the leaves they turn dark green. You can use them as a savoury addition to a salad or as a garnish for fish. You can also fry them and eat them as ‘vegetable crisps’. Apart from the fact that they taste delicious, they are also very decorative.

Sea purslane should be stored in a cool and dry place. Storage temperature: 2 to 7 degrees Celsius.