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A sea full of vegetables ...

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Mineral-rich flavour
Agretti is a stem-shaped sea vegetable that predominantly grows on the Mediterranean shore. Like other sea vegetables, Agretti can be found in the wild in overgrown areas along the coast. In the past, agretti used to be burnt. The ashes were used to make glass, soap or soda. Nowadays it is also grown in greenhouses. 

Origin & season of agretti
We get our agretti from Italy. The season of agretti runs from February until May.

The taste and preparation of agretti
Agretti (Barbe di frate) has a mineral-rich flavour that resembles purslane. The young plants are often the most succulent! The sea vegetables can be blanched or stir-fried, but can also be consumed raw. Our agretti is sold in Flow-pack or Topseal punnets, therefor the shelf-life is about 10 days.

Agretti should be stored in a cool place. Storage temperature: 2 to 7 degrees Celsius.