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A sea full of vegetables ...

Elenbaas Zeegroenten
Ampereweg 14-18
4338 PT Middelburg

About us

Elenbaas Sea Vegetables BV is a unique company, and we are quite proud of that fact! For many years we have delivered sea vegetables and seaweeds from Zeeland and
from all over the world directly in to the kitchen of your restaurant, your store, and even on the shelves of your supermarket.

Special care
Sea vegetables are different from other vegetables. They need to be handled
with care. The plants are often saline and consequently very delicate. The harvesting of wild sea vegetables is hard and very labour intensive. The sorting and wrapping and checking of the sea vegetables is mostly done by hand. The farming of sea vegetables is complex and is still in its infancy.

Consequently, it takes a pioneering spirit to grow, harvest and process these vegetables and to bring them to market. Many of the products we offer are rare and uncommon. Still, we go the extra mile for our customers. If you have a wish that seems impossible, there is a large chance that we can make it happen.

Sea vegetables are our passion. We are always on the lookout for new products and always look for ways to improve our current products. We are in close contact with our suppliers and always look for innovative ways to provide you with the optimum high-quality.

I, Hans Elenbaas, learnt to love sea vegetables from an early age.
My grandfather already harvested sea vegetables in the 1930’s. My mother would sell sea vegetables from door to door as a young girl. Ever since I was eleven years old, my brother and I would go out looking for samphire and sea aster. We still have a lot of relatives working in the company. With so many years of knowledge and experience, we feel confident to state that the care for the quality of our sea vegetables and seaweeds is part of our system.