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A sea full of vegetables ...

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Stir-fry salad with asparagus, prawns and sea fennel

1 bag of mixed lettuce
200 grams of North Sea prawns
3 tablespoons of mayonnaise
Orange peel
2 x 40 grams of sea fennel 250 grams of full-fat curd
Fine herbs: dill, parsley, coriander

Allow the curd to drain for thirty minutes in a coffee-filter. In the meantime, cut up the asparagus into small disks. Mix the mayonnaise with an equal amount of the drained curd. Mix in the cut up herbs, salt and pepper and a bit of orange peel. Put a bit of the sauce on a plate and place the prawns adjacent to the sauce. Divide the sea fennel into small bits. Stir-fry the samphire and the asparagus in a bit of olive oil. Decorate with a bit of orange peel.