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A sea full of vegetables ...

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Scallops with sea purslane

4 scallops (make sure they are clean)
A bit of olive oil
75 grams of sea purslane
2 cubes of butter
Vegetable stock

Carefully dab the scallops dry with a piece of kitchen paper. Pick the leaves of the sea purslane and wash them. Poor a bit of olive oil into the pan and put it on the heat. Add a bit of butter and heat on a medium fire. As soon as the pan is hot, add the scallops. Turn up the heat and keep turning the scallops until they have a light brown colour. No longer than 2 minutes. Take the scallops out of the pan and place them on a pre-heated plate. Add the vegetable stock to the pan. Heat the stock and add an extra cube of butter. Add the leaves of the sea purslane and cook until