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A sea full of vegetables ...

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Sea beet

Light, salty sea vegetable, an ancestor of the sugar beet!
Sea beet is a classic example of a forgotten vegetable. It is a sea vegetable that the Romans used in their cuisine. Did you know that the sea beet is an ancestor of the sugar beet? Sea beet, however, does not have a thick root. It is mostly about the leaves.

The origin of our sea beet
We import our sea beets from France. The plant grows in the wild on the sand and on sandy parts of the salt marshes. Generally, sea beet grows throughout the year. It is, however, quite sensitive to severe frost. Consequently, the harvest can be poor even in the flowering period of the plant.

How to prepare sea beet
Small, young leaves taste the best. Large leaves can be a bit bitter. The best way to prepare sea beet is by cooking it for a short amount of time. The taste is very delicate and is similar to that of young sea lavender.

Sea beet should be stored in a cool place. Storage temperature: 2 to 7 degrees Celsius.