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A sea full of vegetables ...

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Sea banana

Juicy sea vegetable
Sea banana is a juicy sea vegetable. It grows in strings on the sandy ground. The fleshy leaves are green, yellow, and sometimes a beautiful bright red colour. This remarkable sea vegetable has a salty and rather spicy flavour.

Origin of the sea banana
Sea banana originally comes from Australia. Australia’s original inhabitants, the Aboriginals, have always appreciated this delicacy. Sea bananas grow on the beach at the edge of the dunes and on the sandy parts of the salt marshes. We import the sea bananas from Australia to the Netherlands. We are in close contact with our supplier in Australia. They have access to a large area of the salt marshes where the sea bananas grow in semi-wild conditions.

How to prepare sea bananas
Before preparing the bananas you can remove the fleshy leaves of the harder strands. Sea bananas can be consumed raw. You can also use sea bananas in a salad or as a part of a small appetiser. It is also possible to stir-fry them.

Sea bananas should be stored in a cool place. Storage temperature: 2 to 7 degrees Celsius.